🟨🟨 Pine V-Joint, Oak Flooring, Wood Siding - $1 (🏭 Manufacturing in Wells & Alto, Tx (delivery Available))

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Custom Cut Millwork 502 Rusk Ave suite 1 near Wells, TX shaped products - Alto, TX rough cut Lumber

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In the wood product industry since 2013 we offer mill direct kiln dried shaped lumber to the public. V - Joint, Shiplap, Paneling, Siding, Flooring, Molding and surfaced Wide Slabs are a few of our most popular requests.

We stand behind our products and believe in quality. All our shaped wood products are kiln dried. We work hard to make sure customers are served and satisfied.

Following are some of products we manufacture and offer mill direct to the public. They can often be tailored to your specific needs in regards to length of the boards and quantity needed. NOTE; unless otherwise specified, the prices listed below are for 8 to 10 foot long boards. Longer lengths are available upon request.

β€” We mill 8 inch wide, 6 inch and 4 inch V-Joint or Shiplap paneling for interior wall covering, ceilings and outdoor siding in both Pine and Cedar.

Knotty Pine shaped wood products are very popular and create a very distinctive rustic style. Its yellow color darkens to a sunshine tone over time. Its features include varied color and distinct wood grain patterns. It is easy to work with and readily accepts coatings of stain, paint and whitewash. This is a good product that it is rather quick to put up. When installed correctly it hides the cracks between the boards and is nearly air tight making for good insulation value.


1x6 V-Joint / Shiplap
BLUE STAIN Pine ------------- $3.50 sq ft – available seasonally, please inquire as to current stock
1x6x8' - 10' YELLOW KNOTTY Pine ------------ $2.00 sq ft
1x6x12' YELLOW KNOTTY Pine ------------ $2.25 sq ft
1x6x16' YELLOW KNOTTY Pine ------------ $2.30 sq ft

1x8x8' - 10' V-Joint / Shiplap ----------- $2.50 a square foot

1x4 V-Joint / Shiplap ------------- $1.85 a square foot

1x6 V-Joint or Shiplap ----------- $5.00 a square foot)
Also available in 4" widths

β€” If you would like to add a center V groove or Nickel gap to your Shiplap or V-Joint the cost is $0.30 extra a square foot.

V-Joint and Shiplap can be used for both Interior and Exterior Applications:
- Wall Covering
- Wainscoting
- Ceilings
- Outdoor Siding
- Porch Ceiling
- Soffit Roof Eaves Enclosure

6 inch width ------------------------- $2.00 a square foot
4 inch widths ------------------------- $2.00 a square foot

β€” 2 x 6 Double Thickness T&G ----------- $2.85 a square foot

This wood product comes out to 1-1/2" thick after it is molded. This is a popular economical option for some who like to make this product serve as both sub floor and finished floor all in one. It can be molded with just a tongue and grove and square edges or we often cut beveled edges on the bottom side and leave it square on top. This lumber works well for vaulted ceilings - making a beautiful exposed ceiling. The top side of the board is flat and ready to apply felt paper and a layer of foam board insulation before
laying on metal roofing and attaching it directly to the thick V-Joint. The planking is strong and adds to overall structural strength.

β˜€οΈ Studies show that dry pine lumber adds 3 R value an inch. Using this product could save you money in the long run and get you around 4.5 R value of insulation!

β€” Half Log Cabin Siding (tongue and grove or shiplap for easy
weather-resistant assembly)

2x8 Pine quarter log siding ------------ $3.55 a square foot
2x6 Pine quarter log siding------------ $2.85 a square foot
2x6 Cedar quarter log siding ---------- $8.80 a square foot

β€” Oak Hardwood Flooring.
A popular product. Very beautiful and durable. Hardwood flooring has gained a reputation as a good investment. It can last for over 100 years as well as be sanded and refinished multiple times over the years!

Note regarding hardwood flooring. Shaped profile flooring boards are 8' to 10' long generally speaking, many of the boards will need to have a loose knot or other defect cut out, resulting in shorter spans.

Oak hardwood flooring tongue and groove $3.00 sq ft for 4", ungraded run-of-the-mill quality

Oak hardwood flooring tongue and groove $4.00 a sq ft for 6", ungraded run-of-the-mill quality

Note, we also make Hickory, White Oak, Red Oak, Walnut, Cedar and other solid wood flooring.

β€” 1x6 Pine Historic Reproduction #117 Double Teardrop shiplap siding. (Also called washboard siding)
Pine #117 shiplap --------------------------- $2.75 a square foot

β€” 1x6 Pine #105 Dutch Lap Siding ----------------- $2.75 a square foot

The top of the profile has a cove shape for rain run off and creates an extra wide gap. This siding lays flat. This is eye catching siding with good functionality.

β€” 1x3 Crown Molding
Pine ------------------------- $2.00 a Linear foot
Cedar ------------------------ $4.00 a Linear foot

NOTE, we also make other trim as planed dimensional lumber, cove, base, quarter round, window casing, picture frame, live edge side cut trim and more.

β€” 1x6 Pine Beveled Siding ----------------- $2.75 a square foot

Note, this siding can be made with or without a lap joint.

β€” Bead Board is available in 4, 6 and 8 inch widths. This particular profile is well known for its use throughout the centuries as wall paneling and wainscoting.


The following 2 siding types are produced by a closely related β€œsister” company Custom Cut Lumber. They are a sawmill and cut rough cut materials. They cut beams, framing lumber, fence boards, siding, oak trailer decking, equipment blocking, wide slabs and more. Please call them for all rough cut products.

πŸ“ž (Note, please see sawmill phone number below)

β€” Live Edge Pine, Oak or Cedar Lap Siding

This is a rustic rough cut product which has a one of a kind look. When installed the edge facing down retains the natural contour of the log and bark and makes for curved lines, exposed knot and swells.

Available in 1/2 and 7/8 inch thickness and in 6, 8, 10, or 12 inch widths
This is a rough cut product available form our sawmill facility

Price based on specific needs.

β€” Pine Board and Batten siding
1"x 12” wide boards ---------------- $1.50 a foot 8' to 12' lengths are available for this price. We can cut longer lengths.
Board and Batten siding is popular for its rustic look and also its economical price and rapidity of installation -- the boards may be installed β€œgreen”, without being dried. Some people like to use wider battens nail the battens on one side to put them over the cracks while every thing is still green than months later when things have dried a bit nail down the batten to the other side. Other people like to install the 1 x 12 boards on the wall and a few months later after they have dried a bit than put up the batten strips.
1x3 or 1x4 batten stripes are available. When ordered along with 1x12 siding the combined board and batten price is $1.45 a board foot

If you need a good quantity of 1x12 siding we can come down to $1.25 a board foot for bulk orders.

Custom Cut MILLWORK is located at 502 Rusk Avenue suite 1 in Wells, Texas 75976. The facility is right off highway 69 across the highway from county road 2743. Wells is positioned right along the Highway 69 route halfway between Dallas and Houston. East Texas is one of the best wooded areas of the state and grows some very fine quality wood which we are pleased to provide mill direct to the public.

We can deliver to customers in the local towns and cities of Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton, Plano, Garland, Mesquite, Arlington, Irving, Abilene, Sulphur Springs, Texarkana, Mount Pleasant, Tyler, Mineola, Lindale, Kilgore, Longview, Marshall, Henderson, Carthage, Shreveport, Athens, Corsicana, Jacksonville, Palestine, Crockett, Rusk, Bullard, Wells, Alto, Nacogdoches, Mount Enterprise, Timpson, Center, Huntington, Zavalla, Diboll, Corrigan, Woodville, Lufkin, Beaumont, Killeen, Jerrell, Austin, Temple, Round Rock, Lakeway, San Marcos, New Braunfels, San Antonio, Seguin, Victoria, Sweeny, Corpus Christi, Huntsville, Livingston, Conroe, Houston, Lake Charles, Seabrook, Galveston, and more.
We serve the nearby states of Oklahoma, Louisiana, Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, and Colorado and can send trucks anywhere in the lower 48 states.

= = = = = = = = = = = = =

Mill direct pricing to the public.
We accept major credit cards.
Truck shipping delivery available 🚚

Custom Cut Millwork
Office hours Monday - Friday 8 am to 4 pm
Saturday 9 am to 11 am

Call or text the planner shop office

Email infoATcustomcutmillwork.shop
[note, replace β€œAT” with @ ]


*** Para Espanol: (Spanish)
Clientes que hablan espaΓ±ol por favor dejen un mensaje de voz que indique lo que necesita en nuestro telΓ©fono de la oficina (936) 221-583uno. Intentaremos comunicarnos con usted lo antes posible.

Need a different kind of Lumber?
You can contact our affiliated Sawmill log processing facility Custom Cut Lumber in Alto, Texas. www.CustomCutLumberMill.com.
They provide cedar, pine and hardwood lumber. Oak trailer decking, pine framing lumber, pallet boards, wood siding (near 10 different types), cedar lumber, fence posts, beams up to 32 feet long, live edge slabs and much more.


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