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Located near Cotile, can meet in Alexandria or possibly deliver for a fee. Please text, I won't answer calls or requests for codes.

Pic 1 and 2: Hazel (momma) is in milk, her little doeling was born January 17; both mom and baby are Nigerian dwarf. She is milk stand trained and has good manners, but can be pushy towards other adult goats. I'd like them to go together, but can split if you really want. Asking $350 for the pair

Pic 3: These are twin doelings, born January 22. They are 1/4 LaMancha, but very small. Their mom gives about 1/2 gallon a day, so good for an ND. Asking 175 each or 300 for the pair

Pic 4: This doeling was born February 10, and is twin to the buckling below. She is Nigerian dwarf. Her mom also does about 1/2 gallon a day. Asking 175

Pic 5: This is the twin buckling, same info as above. Asking 100 or 75 if he goes with any other goat

Pic 6 and 7: This buckling I may just keep as a wether pet since he's so friendly, but I won't be upset if he goes to someone else. He was born January 24 and loves snuggles and to climb in your lap. He is mostly Nigerian, but is 1/8 boer

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